SBA Disaster Loans, PPP Loans, EIDL Coronavirus Relief

Have You Applied for a PPP Loan?

Many businesses facing economic hardship due to coronavirus/COVID-19 have alreay benefitted from PPP loans and EIDL loans.

At AKIF CPA, we have already prepared and submitted applications for small businesses across the US, even for some clients who were initially denied! 

Of course, you must spend and provide reports in line with the SBA’s requirements in order to have your loan forgiven. We can help with that AND manage your forgiveness application.

We are offering a FREE CONSULTATION for businesses interested in disaster relief loans. 


Required Tracking


We have been helping small businesses apply for disaster relief loans since Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005! We have already helped many clients apply for the COVID-19 SBA Disaster Loans

Our Dedicated Team Can Help With


We determine whether you qualify, calculate the maximum amount, an prepare and submitting applications (even to multiple lenders if you are denied)

Spending Guidelines

Advice on how to spend your loan based on needs, PPP/EIDL requirements, timline requirements and changes

Expense Tracking

We track how your loan is spent and prepare the financial and expense reports 


We help with payroll services, monitoring how your payroll operates, the percentage of employees that must be retained, and more

Update Monitoring

We will monitor and update you on changes and updates to spending requirements, second-round application, and more

Loan Forgiveness

If spent correctly, disaster loans do not have to be repaid. We will ensure that you make the right choices to get your loan forgiven

It’s time to use the government assistance designed to help you make it through this crisis. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and COVID-19 doesn’t have to mean the end. Let’s make sure you get a PPP loan, follow spending guidelines, AND track expenses so that that your loan is forgiven

AKIF CPA, PLLC is amazing to work with! They are so supportive and give fantastic advice. They have excellent communication skills. They are truly committed to our long-term growth and success.

Kristal Casey - C3 Building Solutions

Experience in Disaster Relief

While most accountants and CPAs can understand the SBA Disaster Relief loan application for COVID-19, we already have experience getting our clients disaster relief loans. When Hurricanes Katrina and Ike hit, we were on the front lines helping businesses apply for relief.

We can help you get the disaster loans and advanced grants you need,  and also advise you along the way. 

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Free Consultation

If you are interested in an SBA Disaster Relief loan or a $10,000 Advanced Grant but unsure if you qualify or how to get started, we offer a FREE Consultation, or call us at (713) 451-9700 today.

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