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For us, it’s in the planning. Create a roadmap for your business with the help of an accounting firm that has helped hundreds of businesses on their path to success. We offer consulting services for everything from business formation and growth strategies to acquisitions and sales.

Strategy and Industry Focus

Get the benefit of an accounting firm that knows the importance of data and information. Our team takes the time not only to understand your business, but your industry, location, and goals to build a strategy that works.

From Broad Strategy to the Details

Gain valuable insight at every level of business, from building an entity structure and spending strategy aligned with your business goals to implementing processes and the granular reporting processes that are crucial to guiding your business in the future.

Virtual and In Person Meetings

Meeting you where you are—as a modern accounting firm utilizing the latest technology, we facilitate services with remote-only firms, traditional in-office firms, and anything in between.

Meet Your Consultant

Discover a partnership that goes beyond the average accounting firm.

CFO Services That Unlock Your Business Potential

Services You Need Without the Ones You Don’t

We tailor our services to meet the changing needs of your business, and empower our clients with the knowledge they need to determine what will impact their business most. It’s an approach designed for the long-haul, and all about client relationships and benefit.

Expertise at a Lower Cost

With a seasoned team working across industries and engaged in constant analysis of entity structures, economic trends, and operating approaches, you benefit from an experienced team without the cost of hiring full time staff.

Backed by a Team of Experts

Our team is a collection of experts across industries and areas of focus. Whether your needs are broad and strategic or operational and specific, our highly-motivated staff works to gain expertise in their chosen areas of focus.

Flexible Commitments

Define what your business needs and for what period of time, then adjust as your needs change. Our consultants offer short- and long-term commitments designed to work around our clients’ needs.

Building a Trusted Resource

With every client, our goal is to become their trusted resource in business and finance. We work diligently to understand not just the ins and outs of your business, but your industry, geographic area, and business size. We always work toward the goal of a long-term partnership.

Partners in Your Success

We are your partners in business success! Offering hard work and an attention to detail that goes beyond the average accounting firm, we do our part to see each and every one of our clients meet their business goals and find success.

Seasoned Consultants for Your Evolving Business Needs

Critical areas of focus exist at every stage of business ownership. Whether it’s time to change your entity structure, re-evaluate your financial performance and strategy, or time for a round of investor funding, our consultants offer expert guidance every step of the way.

Company Formation and Entity Structure

Our core services include choosing the appropriate business structure to maximize cost-savings and benefits, paperwork and reports required for official company formation, and valuable analysis that make your business competitive from Year One.

  • Strategic selection of entity structure (LLC, Partnership, S-Corp, C-Corp, Sole Proprietorship), based on tax benefits, projected revenue, costs, and business goals
  • Opportunity analysis, including budgeting and forecasting, industry evaluation, and competitor analysis
  • Business filing, reporting, and tax category designation based on state and country requirements

Consulting Services

Our consulting services cover all aspects of running a business. We help established companies reshape their businesses for the future, with a detailed, data-driven approach supported by decades of on-hand experience

  • Complete financial analysis and ongoing advice on optimizing working capital, vendor selection, inventory, and spending strategy
  • Accounting department evaluation and implementation of software, checks and balances, re-organizing roles and responsibility, and setting report standards
  • Business opportunity evaluation, investment strategy, developing entity umbrellas, and more

Business Valuation

Increase funding opportunities, evaluate acquisition targets, and prep your own business for sale with the aid of a team seasoned in the business valuation process. We help with data analysis and reports and presentations tailored to your needs

  • Generating and analyzing valuable financial statements, including earnings reports, cashflow, budgets vs. actual, and other historical data
  • Calculating net asset value, inventory, valuing tangible and intangible assets, and examining general market and industry data
  • Creating custom reports and presentations useful in the acquisition, funding, and sales process

Acquisition Prep

Whether you are facing an opportunity to acquire a company, merge, or intend to sell your business, our dedicated business advisors assist in the key areas of the process—from evaluating financial risk to identifying improvement areas and overall business opportunity 

  • Conducting a complete business valuation and examining all available financial data, benchmarked against similar businesses
  • Identifying any key risks as well as main business value drivers, expansion opportunities, and how the business can be improved
  • Advising and evaluation on mergers, acquisitions, and sales opportunities

Financial Performance Improvement

Get a financial health checkup and valuable guidance on how to push your business in the right direction. Tailored to your unique goals, our team conducts a detailed analysis, then offers real-world action items to get you where you want to be

  • We leverage your financial data to get a detailed understanding of the cost structures within your business, while looking for areas for improvement, expansion opportunities, and anomalies
  • If efficiency is your goal, our team can help by introducing cost-reduction strategies that impact your bottom line, from automation and software implementation to expense analysis and vendor evaluation
  • Through our budgeting and forecasting tools, we offer a financial roadmap for how to meet your goals, whether it’s increasing profitability, expanding services, or a 5-year-to-sale plan

Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment team conducts a detailed evaluation of internal- and external-driven risks to your business, with a focus on solutions that will mitigate those risks and future-proof your business

  • Understand current external financial risks, including interest rates, market and industry stability, consumer behavior, and create a strategy for how to manage around them
  • Strengthen your business by identifying and eliminating internal risks like improper finance management, error-prone processes, financial silos, and lack of oversight
  • A compliance and regulatory audit will help ensure you are complying with financial regulations set by the IRS, carefully following accounting standards, and submitting reports and payments on time to avoid penalties, fines, and legal issues
You aren't just a clientDina M
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With business growing , they've always maintained the small business feel . You aren't just a client . They are attentive, punctual and professional with emphasis on maintaining relationships with clients.
I have been with Akif CPA more than 10 years@username
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I have been with AKIF CPA more than 10 years. They are so amazing, their service are very professional and the staffs are knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you for the wonderful service you providing.
Akif CPA was the best decision for usCynthia Tapia
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There are many CPAs out there that can do the work BUT very few CPAs who really understand the problems of small businesses and are genuinely willing to put effort and time to make a difference. We are amazed by Akif CPA's professionalism, tax knowledge, communication, and small business know-how.
They take care of my payroll, financial statements, and offer guidanceHollie Kleitz
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The entire team has moved mountains to help take the accounting and tax stress off me, so I can focus on doing what I love. They now take care of my payroll, financial statement preparation, tax payments and filings, and offer guidance whenever I need to make decisions in my businesses. They are available via email, phone and Zoom --and really go out of their way to put me at ease.
You won't be disappointedMark McCutchan
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Efficiency doesn't just seem to be a word, but their way of doing business. In this day and age it is refreshing to find a company that puts the clients first. The staff is only a phone call away and there's never an issue that can't be resolved in that first phone call. Thank you so much for making me feel like such a valued client. I would recommend to anybody that's needing a CPA to give Akif CPA a call. You won't be disappointed.

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