Cross-Border CFO Services

Maximize your business potential with a Cross-Border CFO.

Our team runs our own cross-border business, with accounting expertise that can transform your business.

Outsourced Cross-Border CFO Services

CFO, Controller, and Accounting Services for Businesses Operating Across Borders.

Our CFO services ensure longevity for your business and financial advice only our team of international tax and accounting experts can offer. Our services ensure expert assistance with tax treaties, reporting, asset and liability management, strategy, and accountability designed around the unique needs of businesses operating across borders.

Cross-Border CFO Services Customized to Your Business Needs

Our Cross-Border CFO services are tailored to your business, industry, and organizational needs. Our initial consultation helps you get a feel for our services and working style, while we work to understand your needs.

Cross-Border CFO & CPA Services That Unlock Your Business Potential

Tailor your services to suit the goals of your business, while satisfying stakeholders and increasing buy-in.

Global Business Regulations

Advice built through expertise and experience operating through multiple tax systems, the treaties (if any) between them, and how to structure, operate, and optimize your finance department for success.

Tax Treaties and Regulation Expertise

Our CFO services ensure you get the consulting you need, whether it’s regulation compliance, international tax strategy, eliminating duplicate tax scenarios, managing sales tax and foreign investments, or other cross-border needs.

Oversight of Your In-House Team

Working across borders multiplies the risks within your accounting and finance department. We perform full risk analysis and introduce checks and balances to decrease risk of fees, fines, and audits.

Industry and Business Reporting

Through industry monitoring, we design and generate ongoing reports with analysis and recommendations, delivering stakeholders with the information needed to make key business decisions.

Trusted Resource

Our team oversees your controller, current team and procedures, implementing checks and balances to ensure compliance and mitigate risk. This includes software needs and process oversight.

Budgeting and Financial Projections

Budgets and forecasts designed around industry, country, spending trends, and stakeholder needs, including projections and potential impact analysis of opportunities.

Board Meeting Preparation

We help you understand the full scope of your financial picture and its implications, and generate financial packages attuned to board goals and initiatives, and offer board meeting attendance and support

Strategic Planning and Accountability

Our consultants guide your team while analyzing financial data to develop a strategy that matches your business goals. We also introduce accountability to ensure the department runs in an efficient, compliant manner.

Stakeholder and Investor Relations

Our CFOs assist with raising capital, investor and banking management, and presenting compelling data required to secure capital and keep investors committed. We also handle acquisition preparations and analysis.

Expertise Built on Experience

“Cross-border businesses face greater challenges and higher regulation burdens than most. That’s why I specialize in them.”

Mohammad Akif, CPA, Akif CPA co-founder and international tax expert.

Mohammad Akif, CPA and co-founder of Akif CPA
What Can You Expect Working with a Cross-Border CFO Service?

Oversight and management across all financial departments. Our reporting and initiatives are strategy-led, built on best practices, and keep your stakeholders growth-focused while holding your financial team accountable. We know this is a big investment for you, which is why we prioritize client relationships and the cross-border industry knowledge that makes your investment worthwhile.

Risk mitigation, introducing checks and balances, and understanding reporting is critical for any cross-border business. Our outsourced CFO service ensures budgeting, financial, projections, and reporting designed around the requirements and regulations of the countries in which you operate, while also working around what will be impactful to your stakeholders and board.

Outsourced CFO Services Benefits
Expertise and Services at a Much Lower Cost A full-time CFO is expensive, and even moreso for cross-border businesses. With a CFO service, you get the benefits of critical financial leadership without the high price tag and time consuming staffing search.

Flexibility of Scope Expand services as you go through cross-border operations setup, asset acquisition, strategy shifts, and updateing for regulations. Our CFO services mean you get the services you need when you need them, without the ones you don’t.
The Benefits of a Team Our team works as experts across industries, analyzing entity structures, cutting-edge financing options, and implementing KPIs and accountability that works. We have offices within the U.S. and Canada.

A Trusted Resource Cultivate a relationship of trust through consistent and reliable support across financial initiatives. Whatever  your next step is, our team has faced it and provide expert guidance on the best path forward.
What Does a Cross-Border CFO Service Cost?

CFO services are tailored to the needs of the client, which means your cost will be customized, too. The size, scale, and operating countries of your business can impact this as well. Businesses typically budget around half the cost of a full-time CFO for a general outsourced CFO, though cross-border expertise can be more expensive.

The best way to get an accurate understanding of cost is a consultation, which is also an opportunity to ask any questions, understand our approach, and determine if Akif CPA is the right CFO service for you.

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"We are a new start-up technology company. Our products are sold throughout the United States and abroad. AKIF CPA explained the sales tax nexus with ease."

"We are a new start-up technology company. Our products are sold throughout the United States and abroad. AKIF CPA explained the sales tax nexus with ease. They are incredibly professional and equally important; they take the time to follow up via emails and phone calls to ensure that our interests are met and continually offer other best practices. I highly recommend their services for all tax-related matters."
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