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We Know Your Goal:

Get Higher Profits and Pay as Little Tax as Possible

It’s the goal of every individual and business, and for crypto, it’s no different. Our dedicated team of CPAs will assess your cryptocurrency profits and expenses, and consider every way to legally lower your tax burden.

Asses Your Tax Burden
Harvest Losses
File and Save

We monitor regulations, tax brackets, and write-offs so you don’t have to

Every year new regulations come not just to crypto, but to all businesses and individuals in the U.S. We keep up to date on all of it.

Our Dedicated Team Can Help With

Tax Burden Assessment

Ongoing assessments allow you to know your tax liability and adjust at the beginning, middle, and end of the year

Approved Tax Loss Harvesting

Use the IRS approved strategy for tax loss harvesting with current holding analysis and future profit

Valuation Analysis that Suits YOU

We use various methodologies (FIFO, HIFO, LIFO, etc.) to give you the detailed analysis most impactful to you

Projections and Analysis

Get market price analysis, cashflow predictions, and the details you need to make decisions that impact your taxes

Business Entity Tax Impact

It may be time to shift. Learn the best business entity structure for your current activity and longterm goals

Tax Write-Offs and Deductions

We’ve got an eye on the IRS so you don’t have to. Get the most out of your deductions and tax breaks for crypto

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Our in-depth knowledge of blockchains and evolving rules of taxable events means you don’t need to guess and stress about inaccurate cryptocurrency reporting and potential liabilities.

How Cryptocurrency Impacts Taxes and Income

Crypto-Only vs. Multiple Income Sources

Whether crypto is your sole source of income, you get paid in crypto, or you have a mixture of crypto and traditional income sources will impact how your taxes are filed and what paperwork you will need. We do our absolute best to simplify this complex process and make it easier for our clients.

Ongoing Tax Liability Assessments, Adjustments, and Analysis

Valuation of cryptocurrency can fluctuate quickly and unexpectedly. This is why we recommend more frequent tax liability assessments and adjustments throughout the year. However, every crypto client we have is different, and we believe the best approach is the one that suits you and your style best.

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