CFO Services

Short-term, interim and ongoing.

Ensure longevity for your business without the high cost of an in-house Chief Financial Officer. Our services ensure expert guidance with strategy, finance management, accounting strategy, and accountability designed around your industry and business needs.

Industry Strategy and Reporting

Take the stress out of your business finances and rely on the people who love numbers. Our experts are here to help!

Oversight and Management

Build financial strategies that support your growth path. Our team of CPAs offer consulting packages, flat fee services, and monthly retainers to ensure you get the services you need.

Virtual and In Person Meetings

What do you, your business, and your family need? Let’s determine your priorities and simplify your approach to taxes and savings.

Your Chief Financial Officer​

We provide valuable framework that integrates with your existing accounting department.

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All The Benefits of a CFO

Learn all the ways a CFO service can improve and protect your business while maximizing growth potential and stakeholder buy-in

Expertise and Services at a Lower Cost​

Expertise and Services at a Lower Cost​

A full-time CFO is expensive, time-consuming to staff, and is often more than a business needs. With a CFO service, you get all the benefits of critical financial leadership without the full-time employee price tag.

The Knowledge Base of a Well-Rounded Team​

The Knowledge Base of a Well-Rounded Team​

Our teams work across industries, analyzing and incorporating entity structures, exploring cutting-edge financing options, and monitoring economic trends. Your outsourced CFO is backed by a dedicated team.

Oversight of Your In-House Team​

Oversight of Your In-House Team​

Implementing KPIs and accountability that gets results. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Flexibility of Scope​

Flexibility of Scope​

We'll help you establish accounting best practices for your business, recommend ideal business entity structure, and develop growth strategies designed to get you where you want to be

A Trusted Resource​

A Trusted Resource​

More established businesses benefit from software integration and cleanup, bookkeeping services, training, and advanced reporting with robust data to help you make your business more efficient



Whether you're looking into estate planning, moving across borders, or need for a firm that can manage complex personal taxes, we've got you covered. Most of our clients experience tax savings

Strategic Support to Maximize Business Potential​

Empower your organization by putting your finances to work. Our experts help you navigate urgent challenges and a fluctuating economy while improving shareholder value and maximizing business performance.

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Industry Expertise

Our team works quickly to become experts in your industry, offering robust data and insights on how your business rates against the competition, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses, and building reliable framework for future-proofing your business

  • Thorough analysis of industry-specific data and statistics to establish market size, growth rates, and developing expertise on typical performance, benchmarks, and comparison data
  • Tracking emerging technologies, tax implications and structure benefits, and identifying market gaps and disruptors
  • Real-world data on business performance vs. typical industry business performance, including detailed progress evaluation, risks and challenges, and future growth strategies

Third-Party Oversight

We offer third party oversight which ensures clear delineation of roles and responsibilities, segregation of duties, establishing of checks and balances, and developing internal controls that safeguard company assets from fraud

  • Implementing performance metrics that monitor effectiveness
    Developing internal controls that reduce risks for errors, fraud, and other violations
    Training and professional development that encourages constant improvement and continuing education that supports overall business goals

Budgets & Projections

Comprehensive projections and budgets presented in a clear and concise manner aid in identifying key business drivers, assessing potential outcomes, and making adjustments

  • Analysis historical financial data, trends, and performance, identifying revenue sources and cost drivers, and proposing strategic improvements
  • Establishing financial goals and objectives, developing detailed budgets and financial projections, forecasting revenue streams for existing and new products or services
  • Setting performance targets, KPIs, and adjusting budget and resource allocation based on performance data, periodic reviews, and financial modeling

Regulatory Compliance & Audits

Our outsourced CFOs take responsibility for compliance with financial regulations and laws, audit and compliance management, and any deviations from forecasts and financial targets in addition to accountability for the financial department

  • Internal audits that assess the effectiveness of financial policies and procedures, controls, and compliance with internal policies
  • Ongoing risk assessment that ensures your financial department is compliant with relevant financial laws, regulations, accounting standards, and in-house corporate governance
  • Encouraging employees to report unethical practices and violations without fear of retaliation

Stakeholder Communications

Effective and timely communication with stakeholders and investors, including earnings calls, performance reports, and presentations on financial forecast, future plans, and results of current initiatives.

  • Transparent financial disclosures and insight into the company’s financial performance, growth prospects, and operating costs
  • Updates on capital allocation strategy, including investment plans and growth potential, debt management, and increasing return on investment for shareholders
  • Addressing stakeholder questions and concerns, providing reassurance, and financial crisis management and guidance

Increase Buy-In with In-Depth Analysis

Increase stakeholder buy-in with in-depth financial analysis and data-driven insights that ensure critical areas of focus are approached from an informed point of view.

  • Pre-meeting briefings and preparation
  • Development of visually engaging presentations, reports, and materials that convey complex financial and strategic information in a clear and concise manner.
  • Data-driven insights, reports, and detailed analyses on business and industry performance
  • Post-meeting debriefs and developing KPIs, action items, and implementation plan

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"They're professional, thorough, and helpful with all of our needs and go above and beyond to provide us with advice and tips we need for our business."

"We have been working with Akif CPA for years and have been nothing but satisfied with their services. They're professional, thorough, and helpful with all of our needs and go above and beyond to provide us with advice and tips we need for our business. They're very responsive and we appreciate their dedication! We highly recommend Akif CPA"
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