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Cross Border and International Tax

Simplifying your cross border and international tax

US international tax accountants with over 10 years of experience providing individuals and entities throughout the world with US cross-border tax assistance. Whether you are a US Citizen, US Resident, green card holder living abroad or a non-resident, Canadian Citizen working or living in the US or a Canadian Corporation doing business in the US, we can help you with tax filing and compliance with both IRS and CRA.


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Cross border tax can be complicated. Use our international tax expertise to file applicable taxes and compliance with regulation

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US Tax for Americans Living Abroad

United States tax services for Americans living abroad

US Tax for Canadians in America

United State tax services and filing for non-natives living in the United States

US Tax for Americans in Canada

United States tax services and filing for Americans living in Canada

US Tax for Foreign Corporations Operating in the US

United States Tax for Canadian and foreign corporations operating in the United States

Cross-Border and International E-Commerce Accounting

E-commerce CPA services in the United States, Canada, and beyond

Cross-Border CFO and Accounting Services

Outsourced international CFO services and international accounting

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How International Tax Treaties Work

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How International Tax Treaties Work

First we’ll need to determine your legal position and determine what regulations you fall under. Treaties not only simplify tax structures but also save expacts from double taxation between country of origin and country of residence. In most cases individuals are taxed on their worldwide income and are eligible for Foreign Tax Credits to cover their taxable foreign income. In countries following residency-based taxation citizenship and residency status requires further examination of national laws outside of tax treaties.

Working with the Right CPA

The main components of current International tax law includes principles of taxation, double taxation laws, residency assessment, treaty interpretation, tax avoidance laws and transfer pricing. With increasing globalization, tax laws are only bound to get more complicated.

As a taxpayer, the best way to protect yourself is to stay updated and consult with a tax professional who understands international tax laws. Remember, at Akif CPA we are here to help you!