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Your Business is in Houston, Shouldn't Your Accounting and Tax Advice Be, Too?

Houston is a wonderful place to own and operate a business! But, it can be daunting, too. Below are some guides, lists, and articles specific to our area so that you can get the most focused advice.

Did You Know: Metro Houston is home to over 160,000 businesses!

Guides, Lists, Deadlines, and Articles

Lists and Resources
Tax Incentives List: Texas Businesses

A list of tax incentives available to Texas-based businesses

Tax Incentives List: Houston Businesses

A list of tax incentives available to Houston-based businesses

Tax Grants List: Small Businesses

A list of small business grants available to Texas-based businesses

2023 Deadlines
2023 Tax Due Dates (Federal)

Federal tax due dates and deadlines for 2023

2023 vs. 2022 Tax Brackets (Federal)

A comparison of Federal tax brackets for 2023 vs. 2022

How to Guides
How to Start a Business in Houston
Steps to take, where to file, and local and state requirements
How to Choose the Right CPA
What to look for and ask when shopping Houston CPAs
10 Mistakes Houston Businesses Make

Our list of the 10 most common mistakes we see Houston business owners make and how to avoid them

What Companies Do with Tax Savings

Read about what companies and business owners are doing with their tax savings this year

How Incentives and Grants Work

Helpful information on how small business incentives, grants, and tax breaks work and how to apply

Budgeting and Forecast Tips for 2023

We’ve put together some formatting and budgeting tips for businesses in 2023.

Why Your Business Needs a Monthly Financial Report

Learn about how your business can benefit from monthly reporting.

Did You Know: Houston is the startup capital of Texas, with more businesses being started here than any other city in Houston (and 10th overall in the US!)

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