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Whether you are conducting simple crypto trading on managing complex crypto activities across multiple blockchains, there are thousands of ways to make money on crypto. We work with businesses and individuals, and often help individuals transition into crypto as a business. As dedicated crypto CPAs excited to be on the forefront of this cutting edge technology, it’s our pleasure to make your crypto accounting and tax simple and straightforward. If it were easy, everyone would do it!

Average Joe's
Tech Savvy Individuals
Families and Investors
Crypto Service Providers
Software Engineers
Blockchain Developers
Metaverse Developers
Start Ups and Pioneers
DAOs, Partnerships
Investor Groups
Developers & Services

Your unique situation requires a detailed assessment and understanding

You can trust our dedicated team to help you optimize for long-term success in cryptocurrency

Our Dedicated Team Can Help With

Multiple Income Sources Managed in One Place

Combining data from all blockchains, wallets, and exchanges into a centralized hub. And, solutions for missing data

Combining Regular Income and Crypto Income

Understand how your traditional income and cryptocurrency income intersect, and get tax optimization strategies that help you save.

Revenue and Expense Assessment Across Streams

Income reports, venture capital assistance, and intellectual property income, we asses it all so you get the full picture of your crypto path.

Profitability Analysis and Cash-Flow Projections

It’s forecasting and budgeting for the crypto entrepreneur, business owner, investor, and partner

Real Solutions for Everyday Crypto Problems

Only in crypto —segregating transactions, database issues, cost basis problems, capital gains and losses

Support for All Entity Types and Crypto Ventures

No entity structure or business need is too complicated. We serve all business structures from LLCs to S-Corps.

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Our in-depth knowledge of blockchains and evolving rules of taxable events means you don’t need to guess and stress about inaccurate cryptocurrency reporting and potential liabilities.

Choose a CPA Who Makes Crypto Simple for You

We Apply IRS Crypto Tax Rules in a meaningful way that benefits YOU!

There are major benefits in shifting cryptocurrency mining from a personal hobby to a business, including deductible expenses, tax breaks, and protection of capital gains.

In order to provide true expertise, we understand the fundamentals of:

How old and new crypto assets interact with each other through conformity of smart contract Erc 2.0 implementation and “wrapped” versions of themselves providing liquidity to new blockchains to grow fast

Legacy assets such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (Original Eth & Eth 2.0)

Modern assets such as Binance (BNB and BSC), Avalanche (AVAX), Fantom, (FTM), Harmony (ONE), Cardano (ADA), Polygone (MATIC), 

DeFi digital assets comprise of pairs used in liquidity pools, including mainstream lending and DeFi collateralized lending protocol

Blockchain morphine NFT assets including new NFT mints and royalty income

Conversions of blockchains from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS) and its long term implications

Our clients include long term true believers in crypto assets such as XRP & XLM

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