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Cryptocurrency Accounting Made Easy

Simplify Your Cryptocurrency Accounting Today

Keeping your crypto records accurate and up-to-date can be time consuming, especially when managing across tracking software and traditional accounting software. No two tracking softwares are the same.

Our crypto accounting team has worked with nearly every crypto tracking software in the market, including…

We can incorporate your crypto data with mainstream accounting software like Quickbooks, Xero, and more

This means having all of your financial and crypto info in one place


Ongoing Support For Every Aspect of Crypto

Fixing Common Issues

Cost basis issues, missing purchase history, merging transactions, swaps and liquidity pools, centralized lending


Financials and Statements

Capturing all revenue and expense streams and generating profit and loss sheets and balance sheets to understand income


Investor Reporting Statements

Monthly, quarterly, and annual financials and state and federal tax reporting, plus blockchain cashflow confirmation

Software Link and Setup

Setting up API keys for accounting software and tracking software, balance review of wallets, transaction ID verification

Cost-Basis Analysis

Calculating long term and short term gains, identifying missing purchases from present and previous years.


Corrections and Harvesting

Correct balances in exchanges and wallets, accounting for random and scam tokens, valuation, tax loss harvesting

Wallet Health Checkup

Analysis of all wallets and exchanges, reconciling every transaction with its respective explorers for accuracy

Accurate DeFi Transactions

Staking, lending, and DeFi accounting, breaking transactions into multiples, DeFi income accounting, NFT data fix.

Capital Gains Reporting

Gain and loss reporting, proper withdrawals, swaps, and exchange accounting, running validator nodes

All We Do is Crypto. All Day, Every Day.

Crypto is exciting and complicated. That’s why it our Crypto Team’s specialty.

Cleaner Reports, Clearer Strategies

Whether your needs are simple, day-to-day accounting or you’re working toward a more beneficial tax strategy or an investor round, the secret to success is a clean crypto accounting system with regular reconciliation. Our team of crypto CPAs offer customized services to meet the individual needs of each and every one of our clients.


  • Koinly
  • Cointracking.Info
  • Zen Ledger
  • Coin Ledger
  • Accointing
  • Bitwave
  • Ledgeible
  • Blox
  • Tax Bit
  • Token Tax
  • and many more

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