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Paid to employees, with a service built for employers.

It’s not just about paying your employees, it’s about payroll compliance on both sides of the business. Our payroll services ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time while also tracking opportunities to build more efficiency the business and managing withholding, reporting, and payment for benefit plans and taxes.

Accurate Every Time

Implement systems and automations that eliminate opportunities for error, while ensuring oversight and compliance from an accounting team that takes a detailed look every time.

Third-Party Oversight

Did you know that businesses who outsource payroll are much less likely to be the victims of fraud and false expense reporting?

The Reports You Need

Beyond the check, utilize reports on labor costs and employee expenses that allow to budget more accurately and plan for success.

Your Payroll Specialists

Processing, data, and insights that go beyond the paycheck.

Payroll Management You Can Rely On

Accurate and On-Time

Whether your staff is small or mighty, payroll is always a time-consuming process. With our payroll services, you’ll get automated tracking, compliance checks, and wage issuance that is always on time and accurate.

Work with a Team of Payroll Professionals

Our payroll professionals manage everything from setting up direct deposit and integrating expense reporting systems into software to issuing tax forms and withholding contributions for retirement plans and health insurance. From daily management to reporting, our team can help.

Reduce Risk of Fraud

With third-party oversight and checks and balances, you’ll reduce the risk of payroll and expense fraud. Our payroll professionals know how to spot anomalies and inconsistencies on timesheets, and run regular reports to evaluate labor costs.

More Than Just Issuing Checks

Our team offers so much more than time tracking and check issuance. See the benefit of insightful tools, like expense reporting, employee benefit withholding, reporting and payment of employer portions to the IRS, issuing of tax forms, and ongoing labor data evaluation.


Analyze Labor Costs

Detailed reports on labor costs are useful for everything from forecasting hiring to evaluating turnover and employee retention and labor costs vs. other operational costs. You’ll get reports that will help you think about labor at a business level.

Modern and Up to Date

Direct deposit, employee portals, expense categorization, we’ve got it all. Our team utilizes top-of-the-line software that reduces the risk of payroll inaccuracy for our clients and automates critical parts of the process eliminating errors.

Efficient Payroll Processing With Data Insights

Leave behind the headache of payroll and gain valuable data that can help you make hiring decisions. Our team manages payroll from the top down, meaning your business is compliant with regulations while your employees and contractors are paid on time.

Payroll Processing

Ensure employees and contractors are paid accurately and on time. Our experienced payroll specialists calculate wages to be issued while accounting for hours, overtime, commissions, bonuses, deductions, and owner distributions.

  • We handle wage calculations, withholdings, and issue payment after detailed verification of amounts to be issued
  • Third-party oversight on employee hours, attendance, vacation accrual, etc.
  • Ensure tax withholdings, 401k and retirement contributions, health insurance premiums, and other benefits are withheld accurately and appropriately, and reported and paid to the appropriate organization on time

Employee Benefit Management

Our accountants manage adjustments for employee contributions, reporting to the IRS and other regulating bodies, employer contributions for insurance and retirement, and any reimbursements or audits needed

  • Employer portions of insurance, retirement and 401k, and other contributions and withholding employee portions from payroll and crediting to correct accounts
  • Reimbursements for tuition, phone and internet plans, and other stipends
  • Reporting, employee benefit plan audit, and ongoing wellness checks of the employee benefit system

Expense Reports and Reimbursement

Expense reports and tracking get streamlined with a straightforward reporting process that makes submitting reports easy, while empowering comprehensive categorization and tracking data useful in budgeting and evaluation

  • We build an expense report system and process that integrates with payroll systems and accounting software for a straightforward process
  • After categorizing expenses and a few compliance checks, we issue timely reimbursement for the expenses
  • As part of our reporting process, we’ll provide valuable data on spending patterns and offer suggestions for controlling costs and reducing expenses


Payment Distribution and Direct Deposit

Employees and contractors are paid on-time and accurately through a direct deposit system and portal that allows employees access to the information they need

  • Direct deposit setup with accurate and on-time payment and detailed pay stubs that outline earnings, taxes, and deductions
  • Management of varying compensation for employees vs. contractors and managing commission structures, bonuses, incentives, and distributions
  • Expense reimbursement, vacation payouts, and other payroll adjustments

Reporting and Analytics

Whether it’s a labor cost report for stakeholders or tax and payroll reporting to the IRS, our team understands key payroll metrics and the value in data

  • Easy to read payroll reports offering charts, graphs, and visual analysis of wage costs, KPIs, payroll trends and patterns, staff numbers, and seasonality
  • Turnover and retention rates, vacation reports, and additional information helpful in determining budget allocation and long-term financial planning
  • Issuing reports to the IRS based on your company’s needs and requirements outlined in tax codes

End of Year Tax Forms

Our team takes a two-prong approach, ensuring employees and contractors have the forms they need, while delivering the data and reports required for your business to be in compliance with tax laws

  • Preparing and issuing W-2 and 1099 forms within the required timeline
  • Tax forms and data required for business filing, including tax withholdings and liabilities, retirement contributions, health insurance premiums, and state and local tax forms
  • Collaborating with tax team to ensure your taxes are reported and filed on time


You aren't just a clientDina M
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With business growing , they've always maintained the small business feel . You aren't just a client . They are attentive, punctual and professional with emphasis on maintaining relationships with clients.
I have been with Akif CPA more than 10 years@username
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I have been with AKIF CPA more than 10 years. They are so amazing, their service are very professional and the staffs are knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you for the wonderful service you providing.
Akif CPA was the best decision for usCynthia Tapia
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There are many CPAs out there that can do the work BUT very few CPAs who really understand the problems of small businesses and are genuinely willing to put effort and time to make a difference. We are amazed by Akif CPA's professionalism, tax knowledge, communication, and small business know-how.
They take care of my payroll, financial statements, and offer guidanceHollie Kleitz
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The entire team has moved mountains to help take the accounting and tax stress off me, so I can focus on doing what I love. They now take care of my payroll, financial statement preparation, tax payments and filings, and offer guidance whenever I need to make decisions in my businesses. They are available via email, phone and Zoom --and really go out of their way to put me at ease.
You won't be disappointedMark McCutchan
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Efficiency doesn't just seem to be a word, but their way of doing business. In this day and age it is refreshing to find a company that puts the clients first. The staff is only a phone call away and there's never an issue that can't be resolved in that first phone call. Thank you so much for making me feel like such a valued client. I would recommend to anybody that's needing a CPA to give Akif CPA a call. You won't be disappointed.