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Bookkeeping Services

Data entry, software management, and reports.

Never worry about the state of your books again! Our team of seasoned bookkeepers adhere to strict data entry guidelines, are experts in modern bookkeeping software, and can quickly generate reports that meet your business needs.

Stress-Free and Accurate

Our team works tirelessly to ensure you don’t spend valuable time worrying about the state and accuracy of your books. With us, you can turn your focus to other business needs.

CPA Oversight

Our bookkeepers work side-by-side with our CPAs, receiving meticulous guidance throughout every step of the bookkeeping process. You’ll benefit from many layers of expertise with the additional assurance that your records are being monitored closely.

Service and Consultation

When your needs expand beyond data entry and reporting, our consultants can step in and offer helpful guidance in software cleanup and migration, auditing prep, tax reporting and guidance and even spending strategy.

Bookkeepers with Experience That Counts

More than accurate records, you’ll get reports and optimization that positively impacts your business’ overall financial health

A Bookkeeping Approach That Delivers Accuracy

Accurate and Timely Financial Records

Our bookkeepers adhere to the strict guidelines of data entry and compliance standards under the dedicated instruction of our qualified CPAs. Double-entry bookkeeping, periodic reconciliation, and third-party oversight ensures your financial records are up-to-date and accurate.

A Team of Bookkeepers and CPAs

Instead of a singular in-house bookkeeper, you’ll get a team of bookkeepers and CPAs in your corner evaluating your system every step of the way and implementing structures and customization that supports your business.

Support For Your In-House Team

Our team integrates seamlessly with your in-house finance department, offering training, guidance, Q&A, and instruction as to how to better manage processes, cross-check data, and assign duties to following a methodology designed to prevent errors and fraud.

Compliance and Reporting Guidance

Whether it’s reporting and paying your sales tax on time, employee withholding, or complying with IRS regulations and industry standards, our team takes a leading edge to ensure you are always compliant and ahead of deadlines.

Bookkeeping Strategy

We examine your existing systems, workflow, and data management, and offer careful instruction as to how to make your bookkeeping more efficient, accurate, and accessible to the people who use the system most.


Expertise and Analysis Beyond the Books

Our team conducts regular analyses of inventory, money in/money out, inventory and sales cycles, cost-negotiation, and other financial reports to offer constant guidance of how your business can operate more efficiently and effectively. 

Data Entry and Management with Unprecedented Attention to Detail

Ensure accuracy of your data through up-to-date technology, compliant data entry and team training, and reports you can count on. Our team of bookkeeping experts and CPAs help you navigate your fiscal year from day-to-day data entry to year-end close and reporting.

Data Entry and Bookkeeping Software Management

We follow GAAP and IFRS standards to ensure that your financial records are accurate and compliant with industry standards.

  • Sales, purchases, expenses, payroll, and bank transactions are meticulously recorded and categorized to the appropriate accounting period and accounts
  • We conduct regular reconciliation of bank, credit card, and account statements to identify and resolve any discrepancies and ensure an accurate ledger
  • Payroll data entry, invoice and receipt processing, and a focus on timely data entry and automation means your books are always up-to-date


Financial Statements and Reports

Our bookkeeping and accounting reports offer a detailed and accurate look at the complete financial health of your business. From regular reports to real-time insights, our approach to accounting is always data-driven

  • Regular reports on the balance sheet, income statement, cashflow, and accounts payable and receivable
  • Comparative reports to assess budget vs. actual spend, expense tracking, inventory costs, and more
  • Implementing checks and balances that support financial initiatives, while also monitoring closely for errors and anomalies

Cloud-Based Bookkeeping Software Implementation

We ensure clients select and implement cloud-based bookkeeping software that makes collaboration and data flow easier, protects client and proprietary data, and offers easy report generation

  • After a thorough planning period and selecting the correct vendor for you, we migrate your data from your existing platform or DIY system with carefully preparation and validation to prevent errors and data loss
  • Once your new bookkeeping software is setup and your data is migrated, we customize your software to meet the specific needs of your business, aligning it with your existing workflows, data structure, and reporting requirements while also setting up user profiles and automating workflows
  • We offer training to employees and team members who will utilize the software, covering data entry, reporting, collaboration features, and answering any questions about the platform

Accounts Payable and Receivable Management

Accurate invoicing systems ensure the financial health of your business, while also being critical for maintaining healthy relationships with customers and vendors. We implement credit control, conduct aging analysis, and look for ways to optimize while executing on collecting and tendering payment on time

  • Setting up clients and suppliers within your accounting system, monitoring payment terms and agreement, and cross-checking accounts payable and receivable with inventory numbers
  • Invoice and payment processing, tracking suppliers and vendors, and rigorous verification to ensure no discrepancies, errors, or instances of fraud are present
  • An important element of customer and vendor relationships, we establish and enforce credit policies, minimize the risk of debts and unpaid invoices, and optimize cash flow to support business operation and growth

Inventory Tracking

Robust inventory tracking ensures your business has an up-to-date picture of what is in stock, while inventory analysis reports allow you to forecast demand and plan your stock and drops accordingly

  • Get real-time visibility on quantity lists, locations, and classifications of inventory items for more efficient stock reordering and valuation
  • Maintaining cycle counts and turnover tracking enables you to anticipate future demands and plan inventory levels accordingly
  • E-commerce tracking and multi-source management ensures you avoid overstocking and stockouts and have truly accurate data in your system

Financial Reporting, Tax Compliance, and Audit Prep

Compliance, reporting, and preparations are all required on some level for most businesses. Our team takes a leading step to ensure you have the reports you need within the timelines established

  • Financial reporting is completed within the appropriate timeframes, an absolutely necessary component of bookkeeping whether reporting to shareholders and industry regulators or the IRS
  • We calculate, collect, and remit sales tax to the appropriate regulating body, while also ensuring payroll withholding taxes are paid on time
  • Whether an internal audit, inventory audit, third party audit, or IRS audit, we prepare all necessary financial records and documents, verify data accuracy, and can represent you in dealings with the IRS

Month-End and Year-End Closing

No matter how your fiscal year is structured, we ensure your books are properly closed at the end of each period, conducting all necessary activities to ensure your records are accurate and complete and delivering important financial statements and reports to your team

  • All transactions are reviewed, bank statements, credit statements, and account balances are reconciled with appropriate documents to verify their accuracy, inventory is tracked and valued, and any adjustments are made
  • Financial statements outlining balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, inventory records and valuation, and other necessary reports are built and provided to your team
  • A full financial analysis is conducted to identify areas for improvement, discrepancies, company performance, and utilized for planning and budgeting the next period, then the books for that period are officially closed
You aren't just a clientDina M
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With business growing , they've always maintained the small business feel . You aren't just a client . They are attentive, punctual and professional with emphasis on maintaining relationships with clients.
I have been with Akif CPA more than 10 years@username
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I have been with AKIF CPA more than 10 years. They are so amazing, their service are very professional and the staffs are knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you for the wonderful service you providing.
Akif CPA was the best decision for usCynthia Tapia
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There are many CPAs out there that can do the work BUT very few CPAs who really understand the problems of small businesses and are genuinely willing to put effort and time to make a difference. We are amazed by Akif CPA's professionalism, tax knowledge, communication, and small business know-how.
They take care of my payroll, financial statements, and offer guidanceHollie Kleitz
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The entire team has moved mountains to help take the accounting and tax stress off me, so I can focus on doing what I love. They now take care of my payroll, financial statement preparation, tax payments and filings, and offer guidance whenever I need to make decisions in my businesses. They are available via email, phone and Zoom --and really go out of their way to put me at ease.
You won't be disappointedMark McCutchan
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Efficiency doesn't just seem to be a word, but their way of doing business. In this day and age it is refreshing to find a company that puts the clients first. The staff is only a phone call away and there's never an issue that can't be resolved in that first phone call. Thank you so much for making me feel like such a valued client. I would recommend to anybody that's needing a CPA to give Akif CPA a call. You won't be disappointed.