Tax Preparation, Advice, & Strategy

Detailed preparation and fast filing.

Every step of the tax preparation and filing process is straightforward when you work with the experts. Our CPAs have decades of experience helping businesses optimize their tax strategy to maximize returns and retain capital.

Submit Documents Through Our Online Portal ​

Deliver any documents easily by uploading them to our online portal. Of course, if you prefer hard documents, you can also drop them by our office.

Reduce Your Risk of Audit ​

Our team offers strategic advice and framework for how to claim deductions and credits, qualified incentives, and more.

E-Filing and Faster Returns

We submit taxes through an e-filing system, which typically results in faster processing of your tax forms and speedier returns.

Tax Preparation with Experienced CPAs

Get help with every aspect of tax preparation, filing, strategy, and management. Our team takes the stress out of tax season, ensuring you (or your business) retain as much income as possible and make strategic choices when it comes to your taxes.
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Take the Stress Out of Tax Season

Whether you’re an individual, married, a business, or have cross-border and expat needs, our team can help take the stress out of tax season.

Strict Tax Code Adherence and Ethics ​

Strict Tax Code Adherence and Ethics ​

Our CPAs have a robust understanding of the latest changes in tax code and IRS regulations, which ensures we conduct accurate and ethical tax planning for our clients.

Reduce Your Risk of Audit ​

Reduce Your Risk of Audit ​

Under the guidance of an experienced CPA, you’ll reduce your risk of audit with a tax filing that complies with IRS regulations while still saving you money on your taxes.

Retain Income

Retain Income

Our goal is to help you retain as much income as possible, whether it's optimizing your retirement contributions, utilizing little known tax deductions and credits, or changing your business entity structure

Tax Advice Throughout the Year ​

Tax Advice Throughout the Year ​

It’s not just about annual filing—we offer valuable tax advice throughout the year, whether it’s to be sure you’re filing the appropriate forms or mid-year changes in mileage amounts, we alert our clients to any helpful advice throughout the year.

We Deal with the IRS ​

We Deal with the IRS ​

In any communications with the IRS, we are able to step in, whether it’s clarifying deductions, resubmitting forms with errors and ommissions, or any IRS disputes. As CPAs, we are able to represent you in any dealings with the IRS.

Build a More Efficient Tax Strategy ​

Build a More Efficient Tax Strategy ​

Our team of CPAs is here to guide you in making strategic choices that impact your tax liabilities, with the goal of retaining capital. Learn how entity structure, expense and spending strategy, and even missing out on incentives could be having a negative impact on your business.

Timely and Accurate Tax Filing for Your Business ​

Maximize deductions and credits, reduce your risk of audits, and avoid fees and penalties by working with our CPA team to get your business taxes filed and submitted on time.

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Paperwork Preparation & Filing

With your financial data ready, we prepare all necessary paperwork and file on schedule, whether it’s a yearly filing, quarterly estimated payments, or ongoing reporting. We also ensure appropriate record retention in line with IRS guidelines

  • Form selection and completion, submitting and filing for sales tax, payroll tax, excise tax, property, information rules, and any other needs
  • Issuing payment or offering payment details to clients, including deadlines and due dates for the coming year
  • Filing all necessary reports and statements

Optimize for Capital Retention

Get professional guidance from tax experts as to how you can optimize your business for capital retention, including debt management, tax-loss harvesting, year-end planning, and income redistribution

  • Analysis of entity structure(s) and identifying the most tax-efficient options
  • Deduction and credit optimization allows you to leverage available incentives to lower your tax burden at the federal and state level
  • Timing purchases, international tax consideration, and depreciation strategies are just a few of the items we consider when evaluating your tax strategy

Filing Delays & Extenuating Circumstances

Whether it’s an unexpected inflow of cash, unforeseen issues that delay filing, or an expansion overseas, our tax preparation and advising services include those extenuating circumstances when you need a CPA in your corner.

  • As CPAs, we represent our clients in any IRS disputes and audits, meaning any documentation, communication, and navigation of IRS issues, letters, and audits can be handled by our team on your behalf
  • Filing extensions and delayed filing, or back-filing taxes can be difficult to manage, which is why our team offers valuable assistance in these circumstances
  • Our cross-border team has dedicated tax experience with international expansion, dealing with cross-border tax issues, and managing multi-country operations

Reduce Your Audit Risk

Our CPAs take necessary measures to reduce your risk of audit by strict adherence to tax codes and preserving documentation that makes any potential audit a stress-free process

  • Maintain a focus on accurate financial records, internal controls, compliance knowledge, and CPA review of tax filing to reduce risk of audit
  • Strategic expense categorization and deduction and credit claims, designed to ensure compliance with tax code
  • Document maintenance and audit trail systems that offer a detailed story of your business finances in the event of an audit

The Most Up-To-Date Strategy

Take advantage of the most up-to-date information on tax strategy, deductions, regulations, and more. Our team monitors all IRS announcements to ensure our clients are compliant and building tax strategy around current regulations

  • IRS alerts and regulation changes are constantly monitored to ensure we adjust our clients’ strategies accordingly
  • Any changes in deduction requirements and tracking are communicated to our clients in a timely manner
  • Our CPAs advise on expected changes within tax codes and regulations

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" I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I had lots of questions. And I happen to come upon Akif CPA in my Google Search. I’m really happy I went with Akif CPA. Will be coming back next year."

"I was shopping around for a CPA to help with some taxes. It’s my first time getting help from someone other than the automated turbo tax walkthrough. I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I had lots of questions. And I happen to come upon Akif CPA in my google search. I emailed them and they were very responsive. Answered all my questions. They were upfront and transparent with everything down to cost. They helped me out with my taxes after I got all my paperwork together within a week. I’m really happy I went with Akif CPA. Will be coming back next year."
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