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Industry Specialties

Expertise that matters. Built on decades of experience.

We take the extra time to become experts in each and every one of our client’s area of business (one of our CPAs even became a realtor to better understand the ins and outs of the business). With this approach, we’ve cultivated unparalleled expertise in a few key industries, and offer elegant entity structuring that maximizes tax benefits, an in-depth knowledge of deductions and credits, and unparalleled guidance on tax, accounting, and financial support. 

Expertise That Works For You

Never settle for less than an expert. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from years of work optimizing tax and accounting for businesses just like yours.

Our Industry Specialties


US international tax accountants with over 10 years of experience providing individuals and entities throughout the world with US cross-border tax assistance.


Accountants on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency accounting and tax, for traders, miners, investors, and anyone who has cryptocurrency assets they want to protect.

Real Estate

Your portfolio and earning potential is maximized through our unique approach to entity structure, benefitting from key write-offs, spending strategy, knowledgeable bookkeeping, and more.


Digital Creators

Take advantage of the full range of unique tax deductions available for digital creators and managers of online brands. No matter what you create, we’re here to help.


Whether you sell online as a hobby or have made selling online your primary business, with a few changes to your approach and our expertise to help, you can save (and make) more money.

Medical Practices

We want to help you get the most out of your practice, build long-term financial success, and capitalize on the unique opportunities available to traditional and telehealth healthcare providers. 

We’ve spent over a decade working with transportation and logistics companies. You’ll be able to take advantage of deductions, spending strategy, knowledgeable bookkeeping, and other benefits.


We understand the intricate nature of how distribution companies manage cashflow, inventory, costs calculations, and more. You get the support you need no matter the scale of your operation.


We have worked with hundreds of Nail Salons, Hair Salons, and Cosmetology school owners to help them decrease expenses and increase profits through tax help, structuring, and support.

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Our team of expert CPAs are available in offices in Houston and Toronto

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Connect through our video teleconferencing platform for convenient virtual meetings

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Upload  documents, receipts, and paperwork through our online portal

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Submit electronic payments for our services easily through our online payment platform